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ngjenkins asked: No question, just wanted to thank you for all that you do on this blog. Hilarious and inspiring. I work as an editor for 3 EDU YouTube Channels and your blog is probably my very favorite. KEEP IT UP! :D

Thank you thank you thank you! Glad to bring the laughs! :) 

Anonymous asked: I am about to start a job as an AE soon (my first AE position) and I am nervous. Any tips or advice?

First off, don’t be nervous! We’ve all been there with our first AE gig.

My biggest piece of advice is this: ASK. QUESTIONS. Yes, seasoned AEs may find it annoying that you’re asking questions all the time (it annoys ME sometimes…), but trust me, it is better to ask questions about something you don’t know than to assume you know what you’re doing and it turns into a $*%! storm later down the line. Obviously, I mean this as asking GOOD questions. There are such things as stupid questions. A lot of stuff these days can be answered with a quick Google search. But ask questions!

Second biggest piece of advice: if you F*$& up, PLEASE, for the love of whatever-spiritual-deity-you-believe-in OWN UP TO  IT. I cannot guarantee there will not be yelling (hoping not), but be an adult and nip this in the bud as soon as you can. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my days as an AE, but I’ve learned better than to try and cover it up (I’ve known some people who’ve actually gotten fired for NOT owning up to their mistakes). Most AEs/Post Supes/people you work with are forgiving of this because $*%! happens. 

I know the above sounds scary. I promise it’s not and don’t let it freak you out. These two things are pieces of advice I wish someone had told me when I first started. 

Other useful tips:

  • Carry a notebook for the first few weeks and write down things you feel are important. (Saves on asking questions!). 
  • Get to know your editors and fellow AEs. You don’t have to become BFFs or hang out outside of work, but we come from all walks of life and have worked on different shows. It’s always nice to learn new things from other people.
  • Look up tutorials online if you want to learn other stuff. Always useful.
  • Look for Facebook, LinkedIn, or other online AE groups. Excellent resources for troubleshooting, job listings, networking, etc.

As always, feel free to shoot me an email at renderplease@gmail.com 

Best of luck with your gig! :)

Anonymous asked: Love your blog, love your attitude towards being an AE and I loved your list of random things to sync to when you don't have timecode. My favourite makeshift sync point was on a sports show for kids with six cameras, no slate, no timecode. I ended up syncing one scene based on a not so stealth nose-picker in the cast.

Thanks for the love! :)

Gotta love kids and their nose-picking habits. Can always count on ‘em! Haha

Anonymous asked: What do you think of the auteur theory? How would you describe/rate Martin Scorsese,an auteur?

It was the bane of my existence in college. LOL!

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Truffaut (“400 Blows” is my JAM!) and nouvelle vague (total Francophile, FYI) and I have directors that I really love because of their style and whatnot (Kubrick, Hitchcock, etc.)…but I’m also on the fence about it. 

Initially, in my early, early “I want to go into film!” days, I really wanted to study cinematography (I still geek out about it here and there) and I personally think part of the “auteur” credit goes to the cinematographer. And the editor!

For instance, Thelma Schoonmaker (bonafide badass, in my book) has edited almost all of Scorsese’s films. I can recognize her work just as easily as I do Scorsese’s work. They share a vision. So to say that the director is the “auteur” is a bit much to me…but that’s just me. 

As for Scorsese. I love his early work (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Casino. Hmmm…Robert De Niro is a common factor in this list….). His later stuff I’m sort of “meh” about, much like I am with Spielberg (yeah, I said it)…it’s kind of all the same to me now. “Wolf of Wall Street,” for instance (and I know a lot of people will boo and hiss at me about this, I’m still arguing with a friend about it), I didn’t care for. This could also be compounded on the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio just….goddamnit, Leo! You’re my boy and I love you! I really do! But…gaaaaah! I just don’t think he makes a great lead. He so desperately wants that Oscar and falls short…but anyway. Eh. I get what it was trying to do…and I’m all for some T&A…and debauchery…but…yeah. I was bored the whole time. :-/

I love me some Marty, but I really have to be in the mood to watch something from him. I’ll leave it at that.