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Posts will be a bit sporadic for the next few weeks, as I am back in the Homeland dealing with personal family matters.

I will do my best to keep the laughter and morale up. :)

Anonymous asked: In a previous post you mentioned "AE forums". Mind posting the links to those? Also thanks for this awesome site. It's always brings out a good laugh between me and my fellow AEs. Keep up the great work!

Creative Cow is a GREAT resource. Almost all of my Google searches about an AVID problem result in going to Creative Cow. 


If you’re in Los Angeles (and an FCP user), LACPUG (formerly LAFCPUG) is another great resource. 


And, of course, for all us AVID users, the AVID forums are a great resource.


And, when in doubt, GOOGLE!

Anonymous asked: I'm currently a freelancer and I'm hoping to find more steady work. What are the best ways to find jobs? What are good events to attend? Or maybe what are the best ways to get in touch with companies and leave a lasting impression? Thank you!

Honestly, I get a lot of my jobs through people I’ve previously worked with (i.e. AEs, post supes, story producers, etc.) or a contact through my friends. It’s almost always a “You’re looking for a gig, right? I know so-and-so and s/he is looking for an AE”. 

There are various groups on Facebook that post job postings (I Need an Assistant Editor and other such groups) and groups on LinkedIn.

I’ve directly contacted companies maybe once or twice, but neither yielded any results. Would still recommend doing so, ‘cause why the hell not? I know of some people who’ve done it and were successful. 

As for events, try looking for industry mixers. MPEG (the editor’s union on the West Coast) holds networking events, but obviously, you have to be a Union member, BUT if you have friends or know someone in the Union, ask to be his/her +1! 

Other websites I’ve used to look for jobs: Staff Me Up (Reality TV mostly), Entertainment Careers, Mandy, Media Match. 

Network! Network! Network! It can be awkward (for me, at least. I hate talking about myself, ha!), but it’s a great skill to have and necessary for this industry.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous asked: I'm the person who asked about decent rates for non-union AE gigs. Thank you so much for a) answering, and b) answering with so much detail. It's intimidating to ask for a straight answer from people you work with about things like money, so what you wrote was really helpful (as well as being something to aspire to). I'm very grateful!

You are most welcome! Your question was posted on several AE forums and I am proud to say, it generated a great dialog amongst AEs, editors, post supes, and other post people (some people got angry/defensive, which was to be expected, but great talk none the less!). 

So thank YOU for asking a question a lot of people are afraid to ask. 

Best of luck to you! As always, feel free to drop an email anytime renderplease@gmail.com